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Commercial Glass Repair and Installation

Commercial Glass Repair and Installation

Commercial glass repair in Adelaide can be accomplished with ease and efficiency at a fraction of the cost than many other companies. With a large inventory of qualified glass experts on staff, Adelaide Glass offers customers the chance to have repairs completed quickly and easily. We carry a full stock of replacement windows and tinted glass. And with a 24-hour emergency glass service and tinted windows available, we have a full-time glass specialist’s phone number you can call when you need help.

Whether you need Commercial glass repair after a storm, after a leak, from a broken lamp shade, or from a broken storefront window, we’ll be able to help. Our technicians are available around the clock and often come into your business or home in a matter of minutes to assess the damage. From there, they’ll make every effort to have your commercial glass repair process take place while you’re unavailable. In fact, many of our repairs take place while the glass is being repaired so that we can get your windows back on-line quickly. So when you need Commercial glass repair, you can rest assured that it will arrive in a short amount of time.

When it comes to Commercial glass repairs and installations, you need a company that will do the work right. The last thing you want is to have someone install a window without properly installing it first. If there’s any question about what needs to be done to your glass doors or windows, let us know. We can come out and give you an estimate of what it will cost to fix the problem. In addition, we can also tell you which commercial glass doors or windows are best suited for what kind of repair.

Commercial glass services in Adelaide include installation, replacement, repairs, cleaning and maintenance. Many companies offer quick and easy installation so that you can get back to business as soon as possible. With commercial glass repair, there is the chance to try different methods of glass removal and installation before opting for the final solution. Commercial glass services will provide you with a free quote within 24 hours of your request.

Glass installation options include frameless, semi-framed, and framed options. Semi-framed commercial building glass doors will allow you to reduce the overall glass size of the doors, while providing additional security by having a thicker frame around the glass. You can also opt for an “intrusion detection system” which has the glass detect intruders before the doors or windows open. This is great for businesses, particularly those with a higher turnover rate, since they don’t want to experience customers entering through the glass.

If your glass is slightly damaged or you’ve decided that you no longer want to keep the glass, our professional glass experts will make replacement windows or doors for you! Whether you have windows or doors with a glass panel, we can make any size replacement quickly and easily. Professional glass services use techniques such as high pressure injection to ensure the glass is strong and perfectly smooth, and then heat treated to make it strong enough to support the weight of the glass. The glass is then carefully precision cut to fit the exact size of the opening. After a final polish and UV cure, the glass is ready to go. Commercial glass services can also create window inserts to replace damaged or broken windows, and fix damaged windows and sliding doors.

Glass repair and installation of sliding doors and windows not only adds beauty and security to your facility, but it improves airflow. During hot summers, open all of the windows to let the cool air in. When the winter chill hits, close all the windows to keep the cold air out. Installing new glass means higher energy efficiency, and the ability to control the temperature of the facility since it’s more resistant to temperature fluctuations.

Commercial glass services offer a variety of services. You can have replacement windows or doors installed, repaired, replacement windows, awnings, or re-glazing. Commercial glass services can also refurbish your facility with new, energy-efficient glass, or add simple upgrade features to existing windows. In addition, if you have security concerns, they can help with adding security features to the facility such as cameras and video surveillance. Whatever you need done, there’s a glass service company who can do it quickly and efficiently.

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